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1.   Part I, "The Infancy": No. 1. The Annunciation

2.   Part I, "The Infancy": No. 2. The Nativity

3.   Part I, "The Infancy": No. 3. The Three Kings

4.   Part I, "The Infancy": No. 4. The Massacre of the Innocents 

5.   Part I, "The Infancy": No. 5. The Flight into Egypt

6.   Part I, "The Infancy": No. 6. Child Jesus and the Doctors 

7.   Part II, "The Life": No. 7. The Baptism on the Jordan 

8.   Part II, "The Life": No. 8. The Dance of Salome

9.   Part II, "The Life": No. 9. By the Sea of Galilee

10.   Part II, "The Life": No. 10. Jesus Walking on the Waves

11.   Part II, "The Life": No. 11. The Woman of Samaria 

12.   Part II, "The Life": No. 12. The Resurrection of Lazarus

13.   Part II, "The Life": No. 13. Mary Magdalene

14.   Part II, "The Life": No. 14. Jesus and the Money Changers 

15.   Part III, "The Words": No. 15. The Sermon on the Mount

16.   Part III, "The Words": No. 16. Pater noster (Our Father who art in Heaven) 

17.   Part III, "The Words": No. 17. Sinite parvulos venire ad me (Jesus and the Little children)

18.   Part III, "The Words": No. 18. Invective (Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites)

19.   Part III, "The Words": No. 19. The Wise Virgins and the Foolish Virgins 

20.   Part III, "The Words": No. 20. The Lost Sheep

21.   Part III, "The Words": No. 21. The Return of the Prodigal Son 

22.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 22. Hosanna (The Entrance into Jerusalem) 

23.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 23. The Last Supper

24.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 24. Gethsemane (The Prayer in the Garden)

25.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 25. Crucifige! (Before Pontius Pilate)

26.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 26. Golgotha (On the Way to Calvary)

27.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 27. The Last Words

28.   Part IV, "The Passion": No. 28. The Resurrection